Making good quality products that live up to our customers’ needs and desires comes as second nature to Mobergarna.

In order to deliver this we are:

  • Certified in accordance with BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
  • Members of RSPO and certified in accordance with RSPO SCCS

Furthermore, it is our responsibility to ensure that our production has the lowest possible environmental impact at every stage because we want to develop sustainably.

Our policy is as follows:

Mobergarna AB produces and sells biscuits and meringues, primarily under our customers’ own brands. Through continuous development and improvement, we fulfil the commitments we make to our customers, their requirements and expectations in terms of quality, security of supply and low environmental impact. We will always deliver a tasty, good product at the right time and at the right price.

Our ambition is to continue being the leading private-label product supplier in our segment. We will achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that all products comply with relevant legislation
  • Continuing to be certified according to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
  • Making products that live up to and exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Always using good ingredients that are free from GMOs, only contain certified palm oil and are supplied by companies that are working for social justice at all stages.

We aim to run our business with the lowest possible use of resources and environmental impact. Our membership of RSPO and RSPO SCCS certification, ensures that we are doing everything we can to support the development of sustainably grown palm oil.

Palm oil

We have made an active choice to do what we can to contribute to the sustainable production of palm oil. Mobergarna is a member of RSPO, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (www.rspo.org) and since 2014, we have only been using certified palm oil in our biscuits. Today we only use SG or IP palm oil in our Products.

We can also offer products that do not contain palm oil.

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